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SUCCESS STORY: A.C. Moore Elementary School

Doris Drake Spoken Word Program Columbia South Carolina Rebirth Youth Development Program

A.C. Moore Elementary is a public elementary school located in Columbia, South Carolina.

Doris Drake Spoken Word Program Columbia South Carolina Rebirth Youth Development Program

Our elementary school has established a partnership with Ms. Drake and Rebirth Enterprises this year to bring various artist-in-residence to our students via a virtual platform. The experience, while not without technical difficulties, proved to be educational and engaging for all grade levels. Our 4th and 5th grade students especially enjoyed their live Spoken Word sessions led by Ms. Drake. Our school looks forward to continuing and strengthening this partnership not only for the remainder of this school year, but in the future as well.

LaQuana Aldridge, Principal

A.C. Moore Elementary


These students' poems demonstrate the essence of Spoken Word. Spoken Word gives power to your words and essentially empowers and inspires others. It also allows you to not be held captive to your unspoken words/emotions. These students were able to use what they learned in the program to feel confident in expressing doubts and insecurities while learning to overcome them!

What I think about spoken word

I think spoken word has taught me how to manage my feeling. I have learned a lot

from this. A couple of things I learned is that being mad sad scared is ok but how

we act on it cannot be ok another thing I learned is that feeling are innate That

means you were born with them the last thing learned is how I can write stuff to

let out all of my feeling. I had a really good time doing spoken word

A poem

I'm excited for Christmas I'm as happy as a dog with a bone.

but I'm sad I must stay home

What I learned

I learned that you could deal with your emotions by writing them down.

My poem called Why

Why can't I talk?

Why can't I raise my hand? Go for it go for it go for it ahh dang it lost it

Why can't I get this right? Mom can you help me?

Vivi come up to the board ok do something um um um What do I do? What do I do? screech screech I don't know

Why can't I be more confident?

Why do I feel like I'm the only one?


Yes Vivi C.? Correct YES!

Then you subtract 3 from 1 and it is 2,000 good job YES!

I am doing It!

I don't understand So, do I divide 5 or 9

I'm asking questions!

I'm finally here it was a long ride of embarrassment, sadness and worries through 4th grade, but I am confident, and I can ask questions if I don't understand. I can say something. Thank you to everyone who helped me.


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