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Doris Drake Spoken Word Program Columbia South Carolina Rebirth Youth Development Program

Providing Youth & Literary Arts Where it's Needed the Most 


Rebirth Team Building “Together we stand but divided we fall”….Explaining and understanding how to practically apply that saying to real life is vital for the survival of this generation. Rebirth Enterprise Youth Development Program we believe in not leaving life lessons to the youth to TRY to figure it out but walking beside them to “Overstand” the essentials of life skills, emotional awareness, social skills, unity, and love.  

On teams (and in life) we often hold kids accountable to things without providing adequate tools, resources, and knowledge of what we expect from them.  We assume they understand the dynamics of teamwork and automatically have a team-mind concept in this era of “gotta get mine” mentality. Remember at the end of the day they are kids and rely on us to teach and guide them through their misunderstandings, misinterpretation, and immaturity.  

Rebirth Team Building is broken down into two sessions. In the first session, teamwork and setting team goals are discussed. We discussed the components of what makes a team successful and understanding why having a strong foundation of a team mindset is essential for success. The team member gains a better understanding of why collaborating on team goals and discussing as a team what needs to be done collectively and individually will make team goals more obtainable.


In the second session, individual goals and fitting individual goals into the dynamic of the team goals are discussed. This session consists of self-evaluation and accountability to themselves and each other. The team members gain a better understanding of how individual goals help drive a person but should never interfere or become more important or overshadow the team goals. 

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