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Doris Drake Spoken Word Program Columbia South Carolina Rebirth Youth Development Program

Providing Youth & Literary Arts Where it's Needed the Most 


Violence in schools across the nation has increased tremendously since post-pandemic. The National Center for Education surveyed 846 public schools on the rise in behavior problems due to the pandemic  ( The research indicated that during the past academic year 87% of schools reported the pandemic negatively impacted social-emotional development and 83% agreed that students’ behavioral development also had been stunted. Therefore, it is imperative that resources and outlets are offered to students to help offset the negative impact of the pandemic.

To help address the issues Rebirth Enterprise Youth Development Program is providing a six-week program, Rebirth Youth Chat Forum. This program allows students to communicate their suppressed or unspoken distresses of the pandemic. The program also touches on social-emotional and character-building topics such as healthy boundaries, conflict resolution, accountability, relationships, and setting SMART goals.



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