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SUCCESS STORY: Catawba Trail Elementary

As the Assistant Principal overseeing the TRAILMATES Mentoring Program at Catawba Trail Elementary School, in Richland District Two, I am pleased to share our exceptional experience with Doris Drake and Rebirth Enterprise Youth Development Program. They recently conducted an eight-week Rebirth Youth Forum for our GEMS (girls) and Colts to Stallions (boys) mentoring groups.

Rebirth Enterprise's Social-Emotional Learning Programs are transformative. Our students, upon completion of the program, were awarded certificates and, more importantly, gained invaluable skills. The program adeptly focused on enhancing emotional intelligence, developing healthy boundaries, understanding the distinctions between healthy and unhealthy friendships, the importance of accountability, and effective conflict resolution strategies. Additionally, students learned to set and achieve SMART goals, which are critical for their personal and academic growth.

Doris Drake's dedication and expertise were evident throughout the program. Her ability to connect with our students and provide them with the tools to navigate their emotional and social landscapes was truly impressive. The positive impact on our students was palpable, and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Rebirth.

-Dr. Tia Jones


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