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SUCCESS STORY: South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy Cycle 49

Rebirth Enterprise Youth Development Program partnered with South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy to provide our eight-week Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Program of Rebirth Spoken Word Program to their cadets. The Rebirth Spoken Word SEL program is to assist cadets who need additional support for positive life change.

At the end of the Rebirth Spoken Word Program, we had a ceremony of completion to celebrate the cadets' accomplishments. Family, friends, and staff were invited. The cadets performed their own spoken word poems and spoke about their outlook on the program. The event was a success full of love, joy, and laughter. The video below shows snippets from the ceremony.

Thanks to our partnership with Occasions Catering Services we were able to provide a staggering full-course meal and our partnership with Evelene Moses-Perry "Your Faithful and Productive Realtor" JPAR Real Estate Magnolia Group for accommodating the decorations and the necessities needs for a successful event. Thank you Northeast Trophies & Engraving for your partnership in making the beautiful trophies. Thank you, Zoey Hughes, from MJDA, for blessing us with your gift of inspirational dance. Thank you to my Project Manager Skyy Williams for making the programs. Thank you to my Executive Assistant Raine Williams for making the certificates. Thank you Karson Kocher for sponsoring the THREE CAKES: Coca-Cola cake, lemon cake, and carrot cake!!!!!!!


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