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SUCCESS STORY: South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy Cycle 51

Over the last three cycles at the South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy, our emotional learning programs have had a profound positive impact on the cadets. We found that approximately 85% of the cadets made a positive change in behavior during the rest of the cycle. These programs have been designed to enhance their emotional intelligence, develop their interpersonal skills, and promote overall

well-being and character growth. Through targeted activities, our emotional intelligent learning programs have successfully empowered the cadets to understand and manage their emotions effectively. This has resulted in improved self-awareness and regulation, allowing them to navigate challenging situations with resilience and maturity.

Moreover, the program have fostered positive relationships among the cadets, promoting empathy, teamwork, and conflict resolution skills. The focus on interpersonal communication has not only strengthened their ability to collaborate but has also enhanced their overall social competence and empathetic understanding towards others. Additionally, our emotional intelligent learning initiatives have

instilled a sense of accountability and responsibility within the cadets. By encouraging self-reflection and introspection, these programs have helped them develop a stronger moral compass and make better decisions both during their time at the academy.


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