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SUCCESS STORY: Summit Parkway Middle School

Thanks to Summit Parkway Middle School principal Dr. April Shell for allowing Rebirth Enterprise Youth Development Program to provide our 6 week program, Rebirth Chat Forum Program, to your students. The program helps address nation wide rise of behavioral problems due to the pandemic. It is VITAL for schools administrators to be proactive to lessen the emotional effects that many students are still facing post pandemic. This program allows students to communicate suppressed or unspoken distresses of the pandemic and life in general.. The students discuss topics on social-emotional skills and character building.

The topics discussed were: Emotional-Awareness➡️Healthy Boundaries ➡️Conflict Resolution Skills➡️Accountability➡️Establishing Healthy Relationships➡️SMART GOALS

The students received a certificate of completion. They made the decision to show up for each session and they contributed each discuss. It was a pleasure and a blessing to sow into their lives.

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